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Crowdfunding Some More: Mind Over Mindy

I don’t know these folks yet, but here’s another local film project raising money. Robert Alaniz and his company Sole Productions operate out of the Southwest suburbs and have a decade and several films under their belt. This one includes some familiar faces from sitcoms we actually watch(ed). I bet Larry Thomas looks forward to the day when his name is not always followed by “Soup Nazi.” Perhaps this film will do it.

They’re looking to raise production and post funds, with a campaign end date of August 9. (Brian Hieggelke)

Crowdfunding the Meat, Not the Potato Salad: Almost There is Almost There

The latest on us? Meetings, meetings, meetings, reading, reading, reading, watching, watching, watching. More very soon, though.

We’re thinking about a crowdfunding campaign this fall to raise development funds for this project, and to get an early gauge on the breadth of support. But meanwhile, we’ll start sharing campaigns for other films raising funds this way with deep Chicago pedigrees, as part of our mission to support the development of Chicago’s indie film community. [Read more…]