So how does a Korean-American guy from New Jersey end up producing a wrestling movie about a queer Muslim Pakistani-American woman who falls in love with a Mexican-American woman? Introducing Producer Eugene Sun Park.

Fawzia and I met for the first time in the fall of 2014. I wanted to acquire her film “Queen of My Dreams” for a collection of short films I was curating called “Chicagoland Shorts.” The idea behind the collection was to license and distribute the best of the local niche cinemas in order to […]

In the Ring: Newcity is ready to make its “Signature Move”

Now that we’ve finally chosen the movie we’ll produce for our thirtieth anniversary next year—it’s called “Signature Move”—I understand why most indie filmmakers write their own material. The road to great screenplays is paved with loose gravel. And when you find it, rights holders, agents and lawyers can grind that rocky road to quicksand. (Most of the metaphors […]