seducedThe response to our announcement of this project has been interesting. It tends to go something like this:

1. Ooooh-kkkk-aaaa-yyyy? (Sometimes accompanied by a guffaw, others by incredulity tinged with hostility.) What’s the film about?

2. That is so cool. What a great idea. How can I be a part of it?

There is such mystique, mixed with ridiculous notions of money, attached to filmmaking that the first response is understandable.  If I said I planned to start a new magazine, or to write a novel, it would not seem “incorrect,” even if equally implausible.

The second reaction, needless to say, is more productive.  We romanticize dreamers in our culture, but most of us suppress ourselves.  And filmmaking, based on our response, remains a collective dream of so many of us. Is this pursuit strictly pragmatic, a culmination of a carefully considered business plan? Of course not.  I like to think it’s a part of a rational plan to live a creative life as if this life was a one and only chance.

We’re in a fairly quiet phase of the project; in search of ideas. To answer the first question, we don’t know what the film is “about.” The page is blank so far.

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